Selection, use and precautions in aluminum pan

Time:2020-03-20 09:26:16

(1) Features

The alloy aluminum pan is lightweight, durable, fast heating, uniform heat, and does not rust, but should not be used to cook acidic or alkaline foods and salty foods, otherwise, aluminum cookware will become a large amount of contaminated food dissolving.

Alloy aluminum products are mainly two kinds of natural hair color and hard alumina and aluminum alloy materials. The surface color can be divided into white, light yellow, black and other colors. There are two types of aluminum casting and stamping products. Cast aluminum products (known as traditional steel pots at $ 10-20) are treated with surface lights and mechanical polishing. The surface is white, but the loose metal structure also has some casting defects. Stamping aluminum products, surface cleaning, sanding and polishing machines, only 0.01-0.15 microns, thin, uneven, easy to be scratched or worn on the surface of the machine natural oxide film thickness. The yellow aluminum products were stamped and anodized to a light yellow artificial oxide film surface. Generally, the thickness of the oxide film is 5-20μm, uniform and dense. The film does not destroy it for 100 seconds under the action of strong alkali. The black oxide film can be 30-50 microns thick, the surface temperature can reach 2500 degrees Celsius, and the strong acid base can oxidize the surface. The membrane is not damaged. Therefore, the best black aluminum alloy, it has a beautiful, easy to remove dirt, strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance characteristics.

In daily life, many people like to use aluminum pans to clean the balls to a high degree of polishing, although experts say that this is a stain on the pan, and the surface of the aluminum cookware is protected by an oxide film. Therefore, use aluminum cookers such as aluminum pans and pots, and do not wipe the surface of the light yellow film.

(2) Select

In the choice of alloy aluminum pan or pot, the pot should be pointed out that the body is straight, the bottom of the pot, the inside and outside of the lid are bright, without dark black scars or cracks, and checked, such parts of the structure are rivets, and the ring top is solid There are pits and trachoma.

(3) Protective pot

Avoid scrubbing with steel wool. The bottom of the cola is cooked overtime, washed and soaked with a clean cloth. Very little time to serve food in the pot.

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