Use of pots and maintenance of "knowledge"

Time:2020-03-20 09:28:33

Pan should be used as soon as possible to prevent rust from producing iron oxide cleaner. Try not to boil mung bean soup or Chinese style ravioli. Do not use vegetables for cooking overnight. Under acidic conditions of the pan, it will elute under the iron and destroy the vitamin C in the food. If the iron pan is rusty, coat the rusty parts with vinegar and then Use scrub water. Careful solutions can be rusted with paraffin. The detergent should be used with caution when rebounding, so we must pay attention to wiping the water in the pot. Put in a tea iron pot, add water and cook for a while, then you can take out the taste of the pot.

Temperature limits should not be used for non-stick frying at 250 ° C, but should not be used to make acidic foods. Please note that the fire should not be too large during cooking, it is best not to use an iron shovel to avoid scratching the non-stick surface. Avoid using hard objects when cleaning. Heated water can be used for cleaning.

Aluminum pots turn black after boiling water for a long time because of a certain amount of dissolved iron salts. Then a few drops of vinegar or cook some acidic foods such as tomatoes, it can connect to the surface of the iron pan and the aluminum pan will become bright again. In addition, put fresh apples in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for a quarter of an hour, and then rinse with water to achieve the desired effect. Xu Hongji said that since galvanic corrosion of aluminum and iron may occur, do not use aluminum pots and iron utensils together. Also, avoid frying in aluminum pans at high temperatures to avoid more aluminum entering the food.

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